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Ergonomic Consulting
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EJFJ Corporation SSP is the basis of the anticipatory ergonomy, dating from 1996, based on anticipation, not just on forecast. This ergonomics puts people at the center of any system, while in the classical ergonomy, the human is just a primary part, but that depends on the correct application of ergonomic principles. This redefinition that eliminates the random nature of application, introduces the active and passive safety, in any field. EJFJ Corporation SSP, new company, if not futuristic, is the instigator of the revival of political systems (Participatory Direct Democracy System), economic system ( Dynamic Services based Economical System) , the judiciary (EJFJ Penal System, independent and autonomous investigational), the medical system (Medical Pack and other sub-projects to avoid bureaucratic obstacles and the dispersion of medical daten witch are always inaccessible in case of emergency ...) and many other projects you will discover by browsing our pages and the world. Our website does not describe what we have done since November 18th, 1993 and 94% which is totally incompatible with the real world based on mathematical utopias, calculations of benefits are by no means guaranteed. The human working under duress depends on his private life. Through our reforms - not yet implemented - the human should be able to work by pleasure and bring its exclusive powers to benefit the community by making reward for its exclusive and not for its poor normality.
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